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So what's the purpose??
Well today suddenly..i realised the answer..its like suddenly and
abruptly, the answer hit me in the head.. Its like u suddenly wake up
and remembered where u put something which u thought u have gone
well anyway enough of suspense..
the purpose of life is..


Sounds corny huh??
It might appear that way but i tell u it is not so..
coz the purpose of life must be something u can't do
if u're not alive right?
Maybe if u're dead u can still pursue ur dream, you can still enjoy, you
can still love....

gambar hiasan

but u can't LIVE.. right??
so since LIVING is the only thing that separates us from the DEAD>>
THEN surely our purpose as a LIVING human being is to LIVE!!..huhu..
My old friend used to say that..if u think like that..
u are no difference from a pathetic cockroach who is running all day long
to avoid big feet
who is steping around to live, to survive...
is it?? like that??hurm....

Then..i start to think n think..
finally i got the answer from a ceramah by our senior
in "Jom Ke Masjid" programme organised by our batch...
he said..what is the purpose of life??
in This beautiful religion of Islam..
Allah as the creator already simplify and provide every essential things to live
for us!!
He already provide us guidelines(al-quran) to follow and it's already complete
in al-quran itself already stated in surah adz-Dzariyat...
the purpose of life..

"aku tidak menciptakan jin dan manusia melainkan agar mereka beribadah kepadaku.."(ayat 56) al-quran already highlighted the word "ibadah" as the main key point.
everything that we do in our life must be in the right path where ibadah are the main priority..
others are just the spices that make our life become more colourful
remember also iman,akhlak and akidah..
3 important elements that build up a strong mukmin..
last but not least..
remember where u step on n where u breath..there's always creator n for us
there's only one..
which is Allah..
choose Islam as your pathway for a greater life
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On 24 Mar 2009 20.10.00 , joegrimjow mengatakan...

ibadah is nit only pray, fast, zakat n etc
but its all about everythg we do in daily life. thats y everthg we do, must have greAT niat...lillahitaala

seem i got sumthg 2 practic. thank 4 the idea